Another article and new venture

Published November 5, 2010 by Syllable

Despite not being credited as a contributor  on the September/October 2010 edition of Afgriland, the article called “The buzz about eucalyptus trees” on page 56/7 is the work of yours truly. I also outsourced the articles concerned with electricity in this particular edition.


As far as my new venture is concerned, I’ve created a blog and website to serve as an online PR experiment. It is all about Johannesburg – the people, the places, the vibe. There are four adspots for sale, and I’m currently doing a trade exchange with TomTom. They give me a GPS unit to review, I write a post on how it contributes to my exploration of Johannesburg, and on top of that they get their logo and a link to their website on an ad spot for the month in which the “sponsor” my hassle-free travels.

If anyone else is keen to make use of this, feel free to contact me on


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