More links to articles I’ve written

Published March 8, 2010 by Syllable

I made a couple of really good contributions to the Jan/Feb 2010 edition of Afgriland magazine. I proudly share them with you.

First I wrote an article on innovation and inventions, specifically looking at South African talent. Each year SABS launches a search for inventions that will change the world. On page 36/7 you can read about ‘Inventions of note on home turf’.

On page 50 ‘You say tomato‘ is about the so-called tree-tomato, better known as a Tamarillo. It was incredibly interesting to research that. It is a huge export for NZ.

The article ‘Fantastic elastic‘ on page 56/7 is all about rubber. I did a bucket load of research on the topic, and in the end had to cut about half of the article to keep it from getting too long-winded. It was fascinating to write after the article I did for African Connexion about the shortage of tyres in the mining and construction industries.

Having two double-spread articles in a single publication was really great. In the current edition there’s only one article of mine, which I’ll upload at a later stage. Currently I’m working on a couple of articles again; very interesting topics, and a little animal/insect life to vary my general plant research.


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