Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger: A Book Review

Published January 22, 2010 by Syllable

From the author of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ (which has been made into a feature film in 2009), this book is about mystery, deceit and love.

It would be unreasonable and impractical to compare the two books to each other – although themes of the intangible: time/space, anti-matter and energy continues, the emotion I felt reading this book was very different to the previous. And I think every person will experience it differently, depending on which character they relate to.

Ms Niffenegger has a talent to write in a way that invokes emotion. TTTW was the first book I ever read that had me sobbing my eyes out. Mostly one does feel sad for characters in a book, but not even the reminder that it was only a story could save me from the waterworks. To avoid spoiling the story for anyone I won’t declare which emotion overwhelmed me this time, but I am in awe of the talent.

Initially it took me a while to really get into the book, and then suddenly, it had me by the eyeballs. I could not wait for my lunch break or to get to work (I get to work a good 45 minutes before the office is unlocked in order to avoid traffic). Last Friday I caved and read through the night.

I found the ending a little confusing (where’d he go?), as well as a bit abrupt and a kind of a cop out.

Having also read ‘The Three Incestuous Sisters’ which is in a completely different format to the novels, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on ‘The Adventuress’. I truly believe this is an author one should read every.single.book.of.


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