So this is Christmas

Published December 24, 2009 by Syllable

The Silly Season reaches its peak this week with millions of people worldwide celebrating Christmas. And of course there are those who enjoy the time off work but couldn’t care less about the religious threads of 25 December 2009. Sure from a Christian point of view Christmas is incredibly important, but personally I feel Easter is more significant. But never mind all of that now.

In South Africa we traditionally do not bother with stockings (mostly on account of it being summer and due to a distinct lack of snow we prefer sandals to socks, but strappy heels don’t exactly contain little gifts well). That does not prevent us from having elaborate wish lists – not me in any case. And herewith my silly little silly list:

Things I want for Xmas (in no particular order) –

Hugh Jackman on toast

Grasshopper tattoo

Glamour photo shoot (with hair & make up done, fab wardrobe, etc.)

Crazy shopping spree

… and no, I don’t ask for much, do I?

Deeper, more meaningful writing to continue post silliness.


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