Premium SMSes

Published May 15, 2009 by Syllable

Everywhere these days you can enter SMS competitions, that cost various fees, and you get a confirmation message back. (Think Idols V without the #Fail).

So this is what we need:

  • We need an automated response, but not a generic one. The response must be a password to access a website.
  • We need a copy of that password, and preferable when it was sent through, since the password will only be available for a limited period, e.g. 24 hours (This will have to be a longer period if we can only get a list of passwords sent through once a day, instead of it being sent to us at the same time it’s sent to the recipient).
  • Obviously we need to know what the cost involved to us is, i.e. initial setup costs and cost per confirmation SMS in order for us to determine what we will ask customers for the “entry” SMS.
  • We also want to know what percentage of the entry SMS will come to us, and how payment – to the provider, and our percentage to us – will take place, how often it will take place, and whether we will be able to access a report on a system somewhere on a daily/weekly base to monitor how many SMSes have been sent/what our percentage amounts to, etc.
  • And finally, would it be possible to get a database of all numbers used to request passwords?

Feedback on this would be GREATLY appreciated.


One comment on “Premium SMSes

  • I take it you are looking at this from the ‘provider’ of the SMS service point of view.

    P.2 You would need a ‘administrators’ password, not the same one as sent to the customer.

    P3, 4, Yup

    P5 Yes they could be logged as part of the set-up of the website but you would have to be mindful of use of the numbers for 3rd party advertising – a opt out box?

    Cant help with companies but if you look at the very small print on some competitions you will find the name of the advertising agency that set it up.

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