Touch-screen Smartphone comparison

Published February 16, 2009 by Syllable

Particularly the people on Twitter, and those reading my Gadget Girl column on Style Scoop, are aware that I am a very, VERY big fan of BlackBerry.

I first got my hands on a BlackBerry Curve 8310 in November 2007. Until then I was very happy with Nokia, and in all fairness, if I never got a taste of ‘Berry I’d still be using Nokia. But I’m very glad I know better now. That sounds very arrogant, I know, and I apologise, I guess.

My biggest criticism of the Samsung Omnia, is that it is Samsung’s first attempt at a Smartphone. On the other hand, BlackBerry has been in the business of Smartphones for the past decade.

Now, The MD is just an avid a HTC/Leaf/iMate fan as what I’m supporting BlackBerry. He’s had one since they came to South Africa, and refused to be swayed to the ‘Berry side. Until last week. He desperately needed a new phone, since his phone’s battery didn’t last half a day.

Because I’m so fabulous and BlackBerry loves me almost as much as I love them, I was invited to the launch of the BlackBerry Storm. And so I dragged The MD along – who in turn, dragged our Technical Manager along. We went to Vodaworld two hours before the launch and I followed them around while they went into every single store and tried every single touch screen Smartphone: iPhone (good points: expensive look, bad points: MMS [lack thereof], limited applications), Omnia (good points: vibration on push action, bad points: Windows Mobile 6.1 don’t work so nicely without the stylus), HTC Touch Diamond (good points: what good points? [seriously!], bad points: everything). We did have a look at the Nokia’s but didn’t play with them, since The MD is adamant about having a touch screen. He can’t get over his disappointment with the HTC. So he chose the BlackBerry, and the only critisism he had was the build quality, but says that if there was one feature of all the phones combined that he’d sacrifice, that was it. His ultimate phone would have the iPhone build, the vibrating push bit of the Omnia, and everything else you get with the BlackBerry.

Personally if I had to upgrade now, I’d get a BlackBerry Bold, since the touch screen is not really my thing.

So what is so great about BlackBerry? It’s the ultimate combination of business and fun (particularly if you’re enjoying your social media). If you are not on a BlackBerry contract, you can get a bolt-on (you don’t even need any contract at all!) which allows for unlimited Internet access, push e-mail for up to ten e-mail accounts, Vodafone SatNav (GPS), Facebook, Gtalk – and thanks to all the applications available – Twitterbery, iSkoot (Skype application), Windows Live Messenger. I’ve downloaded the MileageTracker application that helps me keep track of my business travel expenses.

Last weekend I had some trouble with My Baby, but a quick visit to Google, and (no surprises) it was all sorted out. I also downloaded a software upgrade and can now record videos (previously not something one could do with a Curve 8310) and a great new look for the media player.

If you are worried that you will never get away from work if you get a BlackBerry, remember that the power is yours. Over the holidays I deleted my work e-mail from my phone, and set it up again in the new year – it’s easy enough to do that!

It doesn’t make coffee or do the dishes, but it is the best Smartphone on the market. For more information, visit BlackBerry’s website.


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