What’s cookin’, good looking?

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

Yes, I know I should stop addressing myself in my writing, but I AM just that fabulous.

Anyhoo. Kitchen gadgets – long overdue, some might say. Meh, I say. I don’t have a kitchen of my own, so rather than a review, this is just some info. However, as soon as I do get my own kitchen, please make a note of this for house warming prezzies!

KitchenAid® is now available in @Home stores. As a result of my fabulous cupcake obsession, I’ve decided to encourage everyone to invest in a good stand mixer.

First up, the Professional 5™ Plus Series. Direct drive transmission and wide bowl capacity supply this mixer with the powerful ability to mix large batches of heavy batter and dough. Features the PowerKnead™ Spiral Dough Hook. The Professional bowl-lift design raises bowl into mixing position, the 10-speed slide control ranges from a very fast whip to a very slow stir, and the commercial-style motor protection ensures motor longevity.

There is also the Artisan® Series model, which features a tilt-head mixer designed to give you easy access to the bowl and beaters.

Both mixers are available in a variety of colours.

Now, while you are at @Home, get some silicone bakeware – which, although it’s technically not a gadget, is very handy (you’ve gotta love technology). Oh, PS – don’t forget send me some samples to evaluate.

In the meantime I’ll have to go see my dealer to satisfy my addiction. With 18 different flavours to choose from, you cannot blame me for finding any excuse to travel a little out of my way to breathe in the sugary promise, while pointing starry-eyed at the wares of choice. If you really want to know more about my confectionery obsession, please visit ilovecupcake.


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