Power up!

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

Gadget Girl (GG) is taking back the power. First up, I need to tell you about the Cell Phone Emergency/Back Up Charger. Instead of telling people that your cell is about to die, simply connect the external charger and talk away, day or night. It has a built-in flashlight that helps you connect in the dark, and can be used as a remote charger when you’ve had too many calls.

Secondly, you can now also harness the power of sunlight to keep your PDA, MP3 Player, digital camera and portable gaming device alive! The Flexopower a portable solar power generator and energy bank, that converts sunlight into electricity and stores it. The technology is based on highly efficient, unbreakable, solar panels which can store and charge at the same time. With enough solar energy available all you need to do is plug in your device and charge on the go. It will power any 3.7 – 7 Volt device.

When you need power, simply unfold, connect your application and expose to the sun. Flexopower products are made of new generation solar cells that are glass free, unbreakable and light weight. Both of these products are available at The Gadget Shop.

And saving the best for last… Fashionistas, gadget girls, yummy mummies – we all need a little extra energy at times, but we’re also aware of the stimulants and other baddies lurking in certain brands.
Fortunately Go Girl energy drink has none of that. It contains only natural sources of caffeine, including yerba mate and guarana, with Gogi and mixed berry flavours that deliver a full bodied and refreshing taste, and increases vitality, alertness and wellbeing. It is a lovely rose pink colour, enriched with Vitamin B and tastes great. Another benefit is the L-Carnitine, an amino acid involved in the processing of fat, and it comes in a regular and a sugar-free variant, so it’s good for the mind and the body.

Yerba mate, a medicinal drink of ancient South American origin, has become a cultural phenomenon among people worldwide. As the unique, key ingredient of Go Girl, yerba mate, deemed ‘the drink of the goddesses’ is rapidly gaining global recognition for its wide-reaching health benefits, which include increased mental clarity, sustained energy levels, assistance in weight control, multiple nutrients and antioxidant properties.

The packaging is sleek and trendy, and the product gets an overall five-star GG rating.


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