Online on the go

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

Having an online presence no longer means you have a Facebook Profile. For a true online presence you need to be available on the go as well. This doesn’t mean you should give out your mobile number to all and sundry, but having a website that is accessible from cell phones is a great way to start.

These days anyone can develop an interactive website.

Kwikwap agents charge R1 500 to design and set up your website. For this fee, the agent will also train you in the use of our website development and management tool.
This is the world’s easiest website builder, and there is no catch. There are other systems out there but they are all too complicated. This system is so user-friendly, you no longer have to pay a highly-skilled developer to create your website.

The monthly cost ranges between R59 and R150 (+VAT) per month AND you get a complete tool to manage your website with the following features included:

* A website that is displayed on three different platforms namely traditional web, older generation cell phones and modern devices such as PDA’s and windows mobile phones.
* An innovative communications system that informs your customers of events, announcements, specials and newsletters. This system allows you to send free emails, or SMS’s at 25c each, with a direct link to the applicable page of your website.
* A mailing list management system that enables you to create many different groups of recipients, so you can send information to selected groups.
* A very user-friendly management portal where you can quickly and easily update your website, newsletters or events calendar, and even customise your website with various available templates.
* We ensure that your website will be found by search engines such as Google.
* The phone number on the website is a telephonic hyperlink which automatically dials when clicked (only applicable when the website is accessed from a cell phone).
* You can have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, links, specials, announcements, forum, photo gallery, news feeds and even videos on your website.
* You can also sell advertising space on your website, or use this functionality to promote related businesses.
* You can upload documents and brochures (such as flyers, application forms, media files and price lists) onto the website, which basically turns a cell phone into a mobile office.

Many interactive add-on modules such as an online shop, mobile business applications, online forms, appointment booking system and industry specific applications for example loan companies, estate agents, accommodation establishments and community policing forums can be added, depending on your needs.

Now there are no more excuses for any small businesses and entrepreneurs to not have their products available online. And there are no more excuses to not having mobile sites and reaching the masses.


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