Not done fluttering

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

Browsing through the make up isles at Clicks (like one does, of course), I found this week’s gadget: Revlon® Gentle Heat Lash Curler.

This does not look like the conventional eyelash curler; rather it is a sleek pen-like device – no larger than a tube of mascara. It is easy to use, the temperature moderate, and it gently lifts and curls lashes for a beautiful smooth curl without any pinching or crimping. Unlike the usual curling tools, this one works best after mascara application.

The result is quite remarkable – lifting and curling your lashes. I’m going to have to hide it from my mom. She watched closely as I tried it out, and hinted that she wouldn’t mind testing it too.

It uses a single AAA battery, which is not included. About 20 seconds after turning it on, the pink temperature sensor at the end of the tip will turn white, indicating that it is ready. Then you simply use it as you would your mascara brush. After you’ve turned it off, clean the wand with a dry tissue.

The Revlon® Gentle Heat Lash Curler retails from R99.99 at leading outlets.


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