No strings Berry

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

You’d love to have a BlackBerry and all the wonderful benefits: unlimited e-mail for up to ten accounts, unlimited Internet access, 24/7 Facebook access, Instant Messaging, GPS – but you just don’t want the commitment of a 24-month contract.

No problem! Simply buy a BlackBerry Prepaid Smartphone from Vodacom, and purchase your BlackBerry Prepaid service for as little as R59.00 (incl.VAT) for 30 days. Vodacom will even send you an SMS reminder informing you of when your BlackBerry Prepaid service will expire.

All you do is purchase airtime as you would normally, and through any one of three easy steps allocate R59.00 to the BlackBerry Prepaid Service. Once you have completed your purchase, remove the battery from your BlackBerry and restart your Smartphone.

Of course you need to ensure that you have a BlackBerry Smartphone or BlackBerry Connect device which supports BlackBerry access and services, prior to recharging, as no cell phone authentication takes place upon recharge.

And that is how easy it is. For less than R2.00 a day, you can Google, Twitter, Blog, Facebook and so much more on your BlackBerry Smartphone. For more information, contact Vodacom.


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