I’m gonna rock your world!

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

If you haven’t heard of Guitar Hero, where have you been? If you don’t own some version of Guitar Hero, I’m afraid I can no longer be associated with you.

A few months ago the man in my life got me Guitar Hero III, since he has three gaming consoles, and I only play on the Wii, he thought it might be a nice new experience for me. I think if he knew it would cost him control of the Xbox 360 and the television, he would’ve thought twice.

There are three female characters in the game, with different outfits, and you can buy more as you earn money. You can also switch/buy guitars and buy new songs to play. There is a tutorial, and after that you can start playing your heart out. I prefer rocking while standing – like a proper rock star; sitting is for lazy people who don’t care to get a near perfect score.

It’s great fun – even more so with an audience. There are over 70 seriously rocking songs, including Muse, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Rage Against the Machine. A new expansion that was recently released, is Guitar Hero Aerosmith, featuring the songs of, you guessed it, Aerosmith. There is also a Guitar Hero Metallica expansion rumoured to be released next year.

Something I’m eagerly anticipating is the release of Guitar Hero World Tour in South Africa. What makes this so great is that it gives you an authentic band experience with the addition of a drum kit, a new guitar with a neck slider, and a high performance microphone. It is also compatible with other versions of Guitar Hero.

Please, please Santa can we have this? I’ve been pretty good at being bad 🙂


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