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Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

The Gadget Shop has revamped their website, and I found this very cool new gadget on there – Although today is Christmas, I hope Santa works a full day and slips this under my tree.

ARCHOS, award-winning for its constant technology innovation and leadership in portable media players, now introduces a new concept: the Internet Media Tablet. The ARCHOS 5 is the flagship of the new range, bringing the customer a new way to enjoy Internet, Media and television, in a handheld device.

With its built-in capabilities, the Internet Media Tablet becomes the ultimate way to surf the web. The amazingly sharp and high-resolution screen lets you navigate effortlessly through the web, just like you would on a PC.

Browsing becomes almost seamless with the ARM® Cortex™ processor and the Adobe Flash™ 9 video support. Surfing on a handheld device has never been so fast and smooth.

The full email application lets you read, write, download and send attachments, and manage your contacts.

The ARCHOS 5 features a very high capacity internal hard drive (from 60 GB to 250 GB), so you can download a vast number of songs and videos from the unique selection of renowned movie and music partners, assembled in the Media Club.

You can play movies in HD or DVD quality for the richest media experience on the go. Enjoy your ARCHOS contents played directly back to your television, with the DVR Station. Schedule TV recordings from any channel on your cable or set-top box in just a few clicks. Then choose when and where you want to watch them.

With an 800 pixels wide resolution and a five-inch screen, you can browse the Web in full width just like on your PC. No need to zoom in and out, web pages are fully displayed on the ARCHOS screen. Plus, with Adobe Flash™ 9 video support, you can natively browse video-sharing websites such as Dailymotion™ or Youtube™.

Once connected to a WiFi or 3G+ network, the ARCHOS 5 email software lets you to check your emails whenever you want. You can see the number of awaiting emails right on the ARCHOS 5 home screen, reply to emails, or share attachments with anyone. The ARCHOS email application is the feature that lets you stay in touch while on the go.

You will be up and running in just few taps, receiving your emails from all your standards POP accounts. The only question is: how many accounts can YOU handle?

With your ARCHOS 5 you can manage, import or export them as vCards, and switch from your PC, your Mac, or your mobile phone, and manage everything from your ARCHOS 5. Commuting can now be an occasion to send emails to your friends, write a post on your blog, or review your plan for the day.

ARCHOS selected Opera browser as its web-surfing application. With Opera, comes a bunch of widgets, handy small programs which you can download free and use on your ARCHOS 5.

Check the info from your favorite news site, search directly for a Google map from your desktop or find IP addresses instantly. Directly on you ARCHOS 5 desktop.

The Media Club remains the easiest way to get video and music content on the go. With an even richer library with new partners and the biggest industry players, discover a large library of movies, documentaries, music albums and games. Buy or rent your entertainment in a couple of clicks and start watching it on your ARCHOS 5 instantly.

Downloading is so easy. You can pause and resume as often as you need. And the Mini Sites are still developed so that you do not need to scroll up and down. Everything is displayed on a single page, for a better comfort, even on TV. (Please not that some services not available in all countries).

ARCHOS Internet Media Tablets play an impressive number of formats out of the box. Windows Media Video, AVI, MPEG4, Flash Videos, and even HD videos. If you are a podcast fan, you can now watch them flawlessly directly on your ARCHOS 5. No need to be stuck on your PC or buy a special podcast viewer.

For a little fun after work, during holidays, or because you have a little time to kill between flights, just grab your ARCHOS and enjoy some poker, Sudoku, or Golf. Premium games can be purchased directly from the tablet or at, or find other Flash™ based games downloadable for free on the Web.

With the optional DVR Station, you’ll never miss your favorite TV shows. Schedule and record TV shows and movies in one step using with the remote control. Just locate the TV show on the program guide grid and you’ll have a recording to enjoy at home on your wide-screen TV or in the palm of your hand.

Now you don’t need to be stuck at your desk or bothered by a computer on your lap to browse the web. You could also be laying on your couch. Actually, you no longer a laptop at all either. You may also prefer to watch all your movies and videos on TV.

Well, all you need for this is an ARCHOS 5 and its DVR Station.

These two products will turn your TV into a real multimedia platform connected to the Web. Enjoy all the ARCHOS 5 features on the big screen of your living room. Watch your personal movies in HD (HiDef plug-in needed), listen to your music, share your high resolution pictures, play games or surf the Web.

This tablet is the most complete portable media centre on the market today. For the technical specifications and pricing, check outh the ARCHOS 5 at The Gadget Shop – tell them I sent you 😉


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