Gadget Girl gets off the couch…

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

(and proves her short attention span… I usually spend weekends at The MD’s flat (for those who don’t know, The MD is my long-term beneficial friend; it’s a long story).

At the flat, between the two of us, we have the following gadgets:

– 30GB iPod Classic (no, they don’t make these anymore. I got mine shortly after they arrived. Soon this will be called “vintage”)
– BlackBerry Curve

– Asus EEE PC (2G. White – I know, how boring)
– Some superduper PC with a superduper flat screen (the third one – The MD returned the first two – number one had three dead pixels, number two had a single dead pixel. Yeah no he’s not uptight about anything at all)

– My very standard laptop
– The MD’s superduper laptop. (Yes, superduper is my technical description for gigs, RAM, etc; all that stuff is just boring. But please read on, the cool gadgets are next)….

– One PS3 (with two controllers)
– One Wii (also with two controllers)
– One Wii Fit balance board
– One Xbox 360 (guess how many controllers!)
– One Guitar Hero III for Xbox 360
– Several games for all the above-mentioned consoles

There’s also the home gym, the uncapped one meg wireless internet line, DSTV PVR decoder, 80GB external hard drive, 16GB flash drive… In our office downstairs we have a Russel Hobbs two-cup coffee machine-thingy; a bar fridge stocked with flavoured water and cold drinks, and a Bizhub C10 all-in-one goody.

Yes okay, so the office gadgets aren’t exactly “cool”, but you have to admit it’s pretty nifty. I can come upstairs to the flat during lunch for a nap if I want. I can watch last night’s PVR programmes between compiling reports… it makes the crappy work I have to do, a lot easier to live with.

Okay, so I’m digressing. Sorry; my mind is whirring with ideas and stuffs. Yes stuffs. So the Wii Fit. The balancing stuff is difficult, but not impossible. I’ve not done the muscle building exercises. The yoga poses are pretty cool once you manage to get the breathing right, and remember to use your core muscles (and the right outfit helps – jeans not so much conducive.

Yeah, I know – no brainer). My favourite is the aerobic exercises, especially the hula hoop. The step aerobics and jogging is also pretty cool, and you basically just need to keep a steady rhythm – which is pretty easy after several hours of rocking out on Guitar Hero III.

My current Wii Fit age is 26, slightly less than my actual age, so yay! There are many people who think that Wii Fit is just another silly game, but for a little lounge spud like yours truly, 35 minutes on the balance board is really hard work. And it has paid off.

So if going to the gym is not your shot of tequila, I would strongly recommend getting a Wii fit.


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