Curves in all the right places

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

Let’s get one thing straight: no one has a BlackBerry, because they wanted it; they got it because they needed it! I am in the extremely fortunate position to have a BlackBerry ® Curve™; “The New Smartphone That’s Brilliant and Beautiful”.

It has GPS, which is fabulous for travelling, as I seem to be doing a lot these days, and I’ve also downloaded an application with which I can easily capture and log my business travels. You can also download a plethora of games, including Chess and Sudoku, and have unlimited Internet and e-mail access. I have set my mail up to receive work e-mails, StyleScoop e-mails, and messages coming through to Gmail. I have also changed my Facebook profile e-mail to my mobile e-mail address, and discovered a whole new level to FB-ing. (I’ll get back to that in a moment)

When my brother got married, and I was able to take pictures and upload them directly to FB – no cables, no hassles. During the course of the evening I also added three new friends. My BlackBerry® was also my plus one; it really is a great companion.

The Curve ™ has a Facebook application, through which you can update your status, poke friends, send them messages and write on their walls. Since I’ve changed my mail settings, I get messages left on my wall sent directly to my phone on the FB application! This means I can maximise my online flirting at all hours of the day and night. Not so great for my beauty sleep; fabulous for my social life.

With the Internet application I can access Google, StyleScoop, the various sites I blog on, and I also have Gtalk on my BlackBerry®, so I can chat to my Gtalk friends wherever, whenever.

I cannot imagine how I would function without my BB. Once you know how great technology can be, is difficult to do without.

With BlackBerry you can:
– Navigate
– E-mail
– Surf
– Chat
– Watch
– Snap
– Bid
– Play
– Blog
– Text
– Listen
– Message
– Find
– Book
– Discuss
– Review
– Access
– Arrange
– Sell
– Organise

Don’t believe me? Go have a look for yourself 😉


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