All iWant for Christmas

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

You have an iPod, right. (Right?!) I love my 30GB iPod Video, but wouldn’t mind getting a 120GB iPod Classic. Anyway, with Christmas (and my birthday, by the way) coming up, here are some more gift ideas – accessories for your own, or that someone special’s iPod.

When I got my iPod two years ago I refused to take off the protective covering; I am a tiny bit accident-prone, and so anything that would offer my new baby a little extra protection was going to stay on. By last year the cover was being kept in place with several strips of magic tape (in case anyone is wondering, that’s the clear sellotape). I decided that it can continue like that no longer. Fortunately Look and Listen has a great variety of GelaSkins, and I got the Blow Fish design. It is really great – it comes with a screen protector and a skin for both sides – so it’s even better than the original packaging!

Next I got some new earphones, since the ones that come standard with iPod are not very comfortable. From my favourite shop – The Gadget Shop, I got myself a set of Jensen Earphone Jaxx. They come in a variety of colours, and three different sized custom-fit changeable earpieces. It also comes in a matching carry case to protect your earphones. They have great noise-reduction and have a “bump” on the left side, so it’s easy to distinguish your left from right, for example while you’re driving.

Two more recent purchases come from the “Sushi” brand of accessories which you can find at Musica and other similar stores. I got the denim “Root 66” carrier with a change pocket and the “royal skull” charm a couple of months ago, and the carrier was the ideal place to pin all my buttons to.

Next on my list: iPig. I saw it on The Gadget Shop’s website earlier this week. Breyton, Shop Manager, says the sound quality is amazing, which is reassuring, since novelty docking stations tend to compromise on quality when it goes all out on design. Speakers are designed on its eyes, ears and at the bottom of the body. With the sensation technology, you can adjust the volume by gently touching its ears. The iPig easily masks itself as a decorative piece and includes rubberized feet to prevent rattling. The smiley mouth lights up when the iPig is powered on and blinks when receives commands from the remote.

As GREEN and RoHS product, the iPig efficiently utilizes minimal energy and is designed using environmentally friendly components and non-hazardous materials.

It comes in pink, white and yellow, and retails at R1499.00.

This is currently number one on my iWant list. Have I mentioned it’s my birthday next week? It’s a big one too; the start of a new decade. *GG wonders if anyone is paying any attention to her shameless hinting*


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