A gadget for the soundtrack of life

Published February 7, 2009 by Syllable

Almost two years ago I became a Proudly South African statistic when my car was broken into and my car radio unceremoniously ripped out. Since then I have refused to replace the radio, and have been driving in silence for a very.long.time.

Fortunately for my birthday that same year, The MD bought me a 30GB iPod Video, so when I started working in Midrand it was very handy, if a little impractical. I don’t like wearing earphones – do you know that if you wear earphones for an hour, the germs in your ears can multiply 700 times? Gross, I know. So you can understand my aversion.

Enter BlackBerry (again. Yay!). In the press packs they handed out at the introduction of the new BlackBerry Pearl Smartphone range, there is a little branded shoX speaker.

With a simple twist, the patented shoX expands to create a ’sub woofer’ type cavity for incredible bass sound. The shoX mini speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that charges via a USB port on your PC. Playback time can be anything from three to five hours, depending on the volume (it has two volume settings).
The shoX speaker is strong and durable and made for life on the move, using premium soft-touch materials. Each shoX mini speaker is just 52mm wide and 64.5mm high (when expanded) and weighs just 52g. Speaker output is 2.4 watts.

That’s a lot of technical information, but the bottom line is simple: I no longer have to fear goggas getting cosy in my ears and I can sing along at the top of my lungs while stuck in the traffic.


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